Once you have successfully funded your account with Fiat Currency and/or Bitcoin you can access this feature by visiting the buy/sell page. 

There are two types of orders:

  • Buy Order (or "Bid"): An order to exchange Fiat Currency for Bitcoin.
  • Sell Order (or "Ask"): An order to exchange Bitcoin for Fiat Currency.

In both cases, you must enter the amount of bitcoins to sell or buy and select the Fiat Currency to receive/sell. When you click the button to place the order, you will be shown a summary of your order. You can then decide to confirm or return to the order page.

  • Orders @ MARKET will be assigned to the best BID or the best ASK.
  • The order entry ticket is simple yet versatile and will offer up a confirmation screen before it goes to the market.
  • Open orders can then be easily edited or canceled on the open orders page.

When the buy at market price is selected, 1Ex.Trade will automatically adjust your order price to the prevailing market price as it fluctuates.